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. . .And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt: Turkey, China, Trade, and the Limits of Diplomatic Reciprocity

The breadth and depth of Turkish and Chinese economic involvement with neighboring countries means that a greater number of international events have real impact on these nations’ vital interests. Consequently there exists an increasing array of issues on which Turkish and Chinese interests overlap. The following several sections of this paper will consider Turkish and […]

Movie Review: Tangshan Earthquake: Aftershock

  Aftershock, released on July 22 in over 4,000 Chinese movie theatres has a lot of hopes riding on it: The film cost around 100 million yuan to produce, it’s helmed by Feng Xiaogang, the nation’s most commercially successful director, and it’s the first IMAX-quality film to be produced outside the United States. The film has […]

The Gaokao

Articles by western writers about the gaokao, China’s annual college entrance examination, always lead off with anecdotes; stories of parents crowding around schools in nervous vigil, of cities enforcing two-day long construction suspensions and noise-pollution bans, of tearful late arrivals begging on their knees to be let in, of taxi drivers given special right-of-way dispensations if carrying test-takers test-centers, of criminal […]

What’s the Matter With Chinese Football?

        Type in “China football why bad” on Google and a slew of answers quickly present themselves. Among the first hits are news articles detailing sex scandals, corruption prosecutions, and lopsided game losses. There aren’t a lot mentioning victories. The question remains why? Message boards are full of theories—mostly ignorant or racist—that don’t hold up […]

Tattoos in China

On hot summer nights, you can look around and see oceans of flesh. Tables along the street are packed with shirtless men munching away amid a clutter of empty beer bottles. A decent amount of this flesh is covered in tattoos—it’s in summertime that you truly realize the popularity of body art in modern China. […]

Ma Nuo-ism: The Controversy Surrounding China’s Most Popular TV Show

[This first appeared in China Grooves magazine] It may come as a surprise to many living in China, but, apparently, money and material possessions are of vital importance to young Chinese. More shocking: Such things are high among the criteria used to choose romantic partners! If such details are unknown to you, then watching Fei Cheng Wu Rao (If […]

Street Food

  Without a doubt, my most pleasurable moments in Xi’an have come, sitting on little plastic stools at less-than-entirely-sanitary tables, savoring a plate of noodles (5 yuan) and watching the whole madcap nighttime drama of the city unfold around me. I seldom feel more connected with my fellow city-dwellers than I do crowded around a chao […]